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  Private Lessons  

Private lessons are a focused way to become proficient in your musical skills. A private lesson is a “one-on-one” with your instructor where you will receive individualized attention. The pace at which your instructor teaches is entirely based on your needs and you can feel comfortable asking questions and taking your time to learn. We offer private instruction for voice, piano, dance, and acting.


Private lessons are beneficial for:

  • Reinforcing skills learned in music classes

  • Training for auditions

  • Learning sight-reading and music theory skills

  • Preparing for a show, gig, or concert

  • Perfecting dance technique

  • Expanding your repertoire

  • Growing in confidence as a performer


Click Here to email us.  We will work with you to understand your goals and schedule so that we can place you with the right instructor. 

Voice, Piano, or Acting rates are $120/month for a weekly half hour lesson. Dance rates are $60/hour.

Details are discussed with each voice instructor and vary per contract.  

Scheduled by appointment only.  Please note, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. 

Voice Lesson Contract
Dance Lesson Contract
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