Covid-19 Updates & Q&As  

Q: Will we return to in-person classes this semester?

A: All in-person classes are going online through the end of the semester, May 15th. Instructors will continue to teach via video or send students weekly content during their regular class-time.


Q: Will we perform our Spring 2020 shows as scheduled?

A: While seeking to prioritize safety, we remain deeply committed to putting the incredible work of our students on its feet. All Spring 2020 classes will be moved to Fall 2020. This places SEUSSICAL JR., ALADDIN JR., and MAMMA MIA as our fall line-up with ALL remaining in their roles. ​Rehearsals will resume in September 2020. Show schedule TBD.


Q: Do I still owe tuition for the Spring 2020 semester?

A: Yes. Online classes will continue through May 15th. We have made a commitment to pay our faculty and staff through the remainder of the season. We are asking you to please fulfill the remainder of your tuition/fees to ensure our continuance as a company. 


Q: How do I finalize my Spring 2020 tuition?

A: You can log-in to your studio account HERE (send us an email if you have forgotten your login information.) If you would prefer to send a check, please email us. We understand this is an unprecedented time and are happy to discuss what works best for your family.


Q: Will the tuition I paid toward this show apply to the Fall when I re-enroll? 

A: Students who re-enroll in the Fall for their existing show must pay tuition in the Fall, but will not be charged the production fee ($100) or registration fee ($20). Tuition covers our rental, supplies, and faculty fees.


Q: I’m new to Kismet Arts and am planning to start in the Fall. How will I participate in a show that has already been cast?

A: New students will be put in the ensemble as long as the class is not at max capacity. However, if current students who cover a role drop-out, that role will be auditioned for and filled. Those auditions will be open to both returning and new students.


Q: Are you still planning to do summer camps?

A: We will know the answer to this by April 30th. At this time, the previously scheduled audition dates are suspended until further notice. 


Q: What will happen to the shows you planned to produce in the Fall?

A: At this time, the season has not been announced. Stay tuned for our 2021 season!


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